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Top Romantic Places in Bologna & Emilia-Romagna

romantic places in Bologna
Snuggle up to this panoramic view of Bologna from the rooftop terrace of the Torre Prendiparte (photo credit Torre Prendiparte).

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so in the spirit of romance, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite romantic places in Bologna and Emilia-Romagna. And because experiences are more valuable than things, celebrate by sharing an intimate, fun experience with your partner; say, a romantic picnic in the hills of Bologna, a stroll through a moonlit piazza at night, or a trip off the beaten track. Plus, these suggestions are good year-round; you don’t have to wait for an ‘official’ occasion to share something meaningful!

Romantic Spots in Bologna

I find Piazza Santo Stefano at night especially romantic. Being small, it feels more intimate than Piazza Maggiore, Bologna’s main square (which is also quite beautiful and evocative at night). Piazza Santo Stefano, which technically isn’t a square, but rather a widening of the Via Santo Stefano, is dominated by the Complex of the Seven Churches and several ancient ocher-colored buildings so typical of Bologna. Take a stroll, sit on the low walls under the portico or sip an aperitivo, like the Bolognesi do, and enjoy the moment.

romantic places in Bologna
Piazza Santo Stefano at night, one of the most romantic places in Bologna (photo credit Wikimedia Commons).

You could top it off by spending the night in the Torre Prendiparte, a 12th-century tower converted into a bed & breakfast consisting of one multi-level suite. The view from the rooftop terrace, 60 meters above town, is one of the best in Bologna – at sunrise and sunset, it takes on an additional charm.

Or how about a night at the opera? Bologna’s Teatro Comunale, one of the oldest and most important opera venues in Italy, opened in 1763,  and has a rich performance schedule.

opera in Bologna
How about a night at the opera? The interiors of Teatro Comunale in Bologna.

The hillsi colli bolognesi – are such a big part of the city, but mostly for locals; not many visitors venture there. There are romantic spots everywhere in the green rolling hills of Bologna: just take the road up to San Luca and wander. Then choose your spot, perhaps with a great view, for a picnic, complete with classic local treats and some wine. Perfect!

romantic places in Italy
Any spot in the Bolognese hills is good for a romantic picnic and a peaceful walk in nature.

Romantic Destinations in Emilia-Romagna

Emilia-Romagna has a number of picturesque historic villages, the so-called borghi, which make for great romantic escapades in the countryside.

A favorite near Bologna is Monteveglio, a medieval village sitting on top of a hill, overlooking the valley of Samoggia, the Bolognese Apennines and the Po Valley, a 35-minute drive from Bologna. As I wrote in a previous post, it makes for a perfect afternoon trip followed by dinner at the local trattoria.

Monteveglio (Bo)

Farther away from Bologna, in the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, check out Vigoleno and Castell’Arquato.

Quiet Vigoleno is a perfect example of a fortified medieval village; it may be that you won’t see anybody else around! Stroll the village first, then head to the well-preserved castle, which has a great view of the surrounding countryside from its top level.

Vigoleno fortress
The view from the castle in the tiny village of Vigoleno. Who knows, it may even inspire you to pop the question 😉

An evening walk along the cobblestone streets of Castell’Arquato should put even the most jaded soul in a romantic mood. If not, change partner. (Just kidding.). During the day, visit the Rocca Viscontea for another great view of the countryside in this area.

romantic places in Emilia-Romagna
The view from the fortress in charming Castell’Arquato.

Do you have more ideas for romantic places in Bologna and Emilia-Romagna? Share them with me in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Top Romantic Places in Bologna & Emilia-Romagna”

  1. You forgot the train station. Ha, ha, ha….just kidding. It is however a romantic place for me. I met my hubby at the train station in Bologna. After 19 years of marriage, he calls me every time he stops or passes through that station. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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