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Hiking near Bologna: Prati di Mugnano and Monte Mario

Hiking is one of my passions and I have recently signed up with an association called Trekking Italia, which organizes group excursions every weekend. Here are photos from a day trip I took with them in January in the Prati di Mugnano area, above Sasso Marconi, just 20 minutes from Bologna.

The area attracts many Bolognesi in the spring and summer, when they come for picnics, barbecues or just to relax. It includes many trails, which are especially popular with mountain bikers.

Fun fact: the “Via degli Dei” (Path of Gods), an ancient trail connecting Bologna with Florence through the Apennines, passes through here.

Prati di Mugnano
Hello, fog! We’re right above you.


Prati di Mugnano
Hiking up the Prati di Mugnano.
Prati di Mugnano
Don’t you want to run up that hill?
Sasso Marconi
The rolling green hills surrounding Bologna.
Prati di Mugnano
Beautiful winter day at Prati di Mugnano – perfect for hiking!
Bologna hills
Misty landscape reminding me of Tuscany – clearly not the only region with beautiful countryside!
Prati di Mugnano
Love those four lone trees on the tiny hill.

2 thoughts on “Hiking near Bologna: Prati di Mugnano and Monte Mario”

  1. Is is a very good place also for mountain bikers, in particular Monte Mario, also known as “Arizona”, because there are a lot of trail with sands and sheer cliff

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