Ann & Claire, Silicon Valley, USA (June 2019)

My teenage daughter and I visited Bologna for several days in the beginning of June and were lucky enough to be put in contact with Silvia for a bit of the outdoors. While we enjoyed the guided tours of the churches and the history of the city, it was so nice to get out of the city center and see some of the surrounding area. Silvia took us to an old farmhouse that is being restored for a fun cooking class where we made everything from scratch and most of the ingredients came right from the garden on the property. Then we got to enjoy what we made for lunch – very fun and very delicious!

We also walked the Portico di San Luca with Silvia to the Basilica on the top of the hill where we had amazing views of the city and surrounds. It was a little bit of a hike, but we loved being able to get a bit of exercise while hearing the history of this incredible site.

Both my daughter and I enjoyed our time with Silvia immensely and both commented to each other when we got home that this was a highlight of our trip! She was fabulous and we would both recommend spending some time with Silvia to see another side of Bologna that you might not otherwise see.